East Durham Children’s Initiative

Its summer of 2018 and summer time is a big deal and super busy for the staff at the East Durham Children’s Initiative (EDCI) in Durham North Carolina.  They are responsible for running/overseeing/staffing 4 summer camps and summer lunch program open to any community member and their family. Food insecurity is a huge issue in this area of Durham North Carolina, a mere 5 miles from our GSK NC campus.  I am in my first month of my 6 month deployment from GSK to EDCI.  I am one of 65 GSK employees selected by GSK to set out and spend time with a non profit organization for 3-6 months as part of the GSK volunteering program called PULSE.   Nothing short of amazing for a for-profit company to do and for so long- one of a kind for the duration and for the large number of employees GSK has been sending out for the last 10 years to locations all over the world.

EDCI is an non-profit organization whose mission is to create a pipeline of services from birth to college or career for children in East Durham, North Carolina USA.  I have had the opportunity to serve lunch with my fellow National Charity League (NCL: a non-profit with a mission to foster mother-daughter relationships in a philanthropic organization committed to community service, leadership development and cultural experiences) friends and co-workers from GSK.   From NCL we had Gretchen, Ruth with  Vanita and Nandita who also kindly donated their own written and published bilingual kids books to EDCI.  From GSK we had Lee Baylis, Kim Lewis and Megan Murphy- Menezes.





I am really excited to be here at EDCI, and am amazed at the passion and dedication of the employees and how much they care for every single child/family who is part of the EDCI program.  I hope to learn, contribute and help as much as I can over the next few months  (also gotta make the most of my own office and space, given our open workspace at GSK).IMG_4223

I also had an opportunity to participate in the free 6 week long STEAM (added A =arts) all day summer camp for rising 3-5 graders and also observe a concurrent free Police force run camp for youth as well.

Till my next blog.  Enjoy the rest of the summer y’all.

Renu Jain



  1. It does sound like a very busy time at EDCI, thank you for sharing all of the programs they provide for the community! So great that you can help, and love the picture of your new office space!

  2. Renu, Glad to hear you are able to contribute to important efforts benefiting our communities through your PULSE assignment. Best wishes!

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