August 05

Time has come for my volunteering at Costa Rica!

Tomorrow I will start my volunteering project in “Fundación La Casa de los Niños” (Children´s House) in one of San Jose´s marginal sectors.

I am really looking forward into this project. Is this is even real? A company promoting its employees leave the business for 3 or 6 months to help an NGO instead? I know, it seems unreal…but dreams can come true!

My name is Luz-Dary Amaya. I work at GSK Costa Rica. A while ago, I decided to apply to Pulse- the volunteering program at the company. Once accepted, we were prepared through a process that equiped us, as volunteers, and it could not have been better. It included trainings, lessons, testimonies, insights from consultants, real cases, security & safety advices, etc. Such was thoughtfully  planned, ensuring all of us to be useful, capable and willing to serve others. All of this with which purpose? To provoke change. To change the NGOs, change GSK but more importantly: change ourselves.

So let´s start the change. Adventure has begun. I will give my best; they deserve it!

Pulse's Volunteers

With other Pulse´s volunteers. I am the second one, from left to right.