Refreshing memories of recent past

Friends, This is my second blog and here, I wish to share few of my personal experiences before moving to Zambia (My assignment country).

The most amazing experience, which I can never forget, was the orientation program at London. It was looking like a dream coming true. This program was not just a program but a transformational event which has given us a global mind set, exposure to Tri-sector partnership (Public-Private-NGO), experiences of previous alumni, exciting activities, case studies experience and much more.



Not only, this program given me an opportunity to make friendship and networking with wonderful people across the globe. Thanks PULSE Team for this beautiful event!



It will be prejudice, if I don’t let you know my beautiful memories of experiencing London. After arriving at Heathrow, I decided not to hire taxi but to use public transport as I wish to explore more and more about London and enjoy my moments. From Heathrow, I had to go to Brentford. And after searching here and there, I explored the train at airport which took me to Boston Manor. Again, Problems for me. Despite being in new place, my craziness was on peak. I found nobody to help but an ‘Help point’ which guided me to have another public transport up to Brentford.



Uff, problems continued but I was enjoying. I crossed the road, went to Bus stop and started waiting for bus. I don’t know the route and bus. An old lady helped and guided me for my place. She was so kindhearted, even she took me up to my hotel. Such a nice gesture and welcome, I received from London people.

Ohh yes, I enjoyed Central London too and it was because of Elizabeth. I saw Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, London Eye, Tower bridge, London Bridge, Beautiful Thames river and many more things. It was approx. 4 Km walk from London eye to Tower bridge. I need to write a book if wish to mention all my craziness and experiences of this one day. Thanks Elizabeth for making my UK trip as most unforgettable!



Now as expected, Challenges started coming across. The first challenge for my onward journey for assignment was to get VISA. We had to manage VISA on our own. In start, It was looking very easy but I had never expected that only because of it, I will be delaying my assignment. I was overwhelmed as I was getting different opinions for VISA application process. My time was lapsing. Anyway, after exploring all the options, with help of GSK Travel desk, I finally managed to get my Visa just one week ahead of my journey. Lessons learnt- You have to be proactive and initiate for your things. Over-dependency on others may result in missing many things. You should have great confidence on yourself.

Finally, the day came for my departure from India. My flight was in early morning around 4 am so I had to leave in mid night to clear immigration. It was very uncomfortable for me see my lovely daughter’s sleepy-eyed face who was still trying her best to keep herself awake to say me Good bye. Finally, I made a last hug to my loving wife and said bye while going down in lift.

After a day long flight, I finally arrived at Zambia to fulfill my dreams and put the first step in Africa to start my life changing journey. It was incredible to see that My NGO’s director and his wife came to receive me at airport. I appreciate and thank to Kamima to make all arrangements to make my arrival and stay hassle-free. I could sense the kind of respect and caring, they had offered.



Thanks for reading this blog. I am sure you enjoyed reading this. I will be sharing my next blog soon to let you know my experiences in Zambia. Keep in touch with me and keep reading my blogs. I’ll love to see your reactions on my blogs.



  1. Thank you for sharing about the time leading up to your PULSE assignment and that was so kind of your NGO’s director and his wife to come to pick you up at the airport! Best of luck on your first few weeks!

  2. Hi Sajal, I agree with you the ‘PULSE Orientation’ in London was a memorable experience for most of us. The PULSE team did an outstanding job. Thanks and best wishes to all

    1. Thanks Malika… And I also can’t forget that PULSE team had prepared dance theme for us. I really enjoyed that.

  3. Great read Sajal…Nice to know your experience in such a short span.
    I wish you good luck through rest of your assignment.
    Please continue to share your blogs and I shall be eagerly waiting to read all.

    1. Thanks Bhuwan… It was nice to be with you at London.. Looks funny that we never met in India but spent 4 days together at London. I got really a good friend.

  4. Just reading some older posts. Yes, I do remember the London trip and you eager to take pictures but not having your phone charged. They’re all learning experiences that teach you lessons for the future, like your assignment in Zambia.

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