View on the Way to Eswatini Cropable

This picture of the jet bridge at the beginning of my voyage shows the basis for some of my learning while ANTICIPATING my GSK PULSE volunteer assignment in Eswatini.  Just like me, all of us on this jet bridge had done some preparing before entering the jet bridge.  As we were moving through the jet bridge, we were anticipating entering the airplane and getting to our seats.  We each combined our experience plus our imagination before anticipating the unseen inside.  We had the shared experience of moving through the jet bridge and the individual experiences of anticipating what we would find in the plane.

I was not alone moving through this jet bridge and anticipating what was next. I also shared with others in moving towards a PULSE assignment and anticipating what that would bring.  Some of my fellow travelers were other GSK PULSE volunteers anticipating their assignments.  In my voyage, I also had two experienced travelers, Barb, a former GSK PULSE volunteer in Eswatini, and Allie, my future supervisor.  They shared their experiences, so that my imagination could be both guided and stimulated as I was anticipating the assignment.

Like the travelers on the jet bridge, Barb and Allie were anticipating the unknown at the end of our shared gangway. Perhaps Barb was anticipating the happiness of the Eswatini team members, when I delivered her gift of chocolate and energy bars. Allie may have been anticipating my work with the project cost data analysis, or they both may have been anticipating my surprise at seeing frost on the grass in the morning.


Like moving through the jet bridge, the ANTICIPATING of my GSK PULSE volunteer assignment was both a shared experience and a personal experience for each of those involved. Our individual backgrounds and imaginations allowed each of us to have personal responses to these experiences.  Perhaps like this picture from Eswatini, the same path may appear pleasant and smooth, or rough and forbidding.  ANTICIPATING the assignment, showed me that we can learn and share with others our knowledge about the attractions and the challenges around the bends in our paths.


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