My Volunteering Journey


It has been over a month now since I landed in Amman, Jordan. Fulfilling my life dream of volunteering. Things have been crazy so far since the minute I arrived; I even missed my ride from the airport! So you can imagine how crazy things were and this is one of many reasons I didn’t have the chance to post anything earlier. But here we go with my first catch up blog that will be followed with more updates.

It all started a while ago when I first knew about the PULSE volunteering program. Since that moment I knew that one day I will be applying for this program, and the day came! Few years, later I took the decision and applied knowing nothing about what’s going to happen next; but I kept reminding myself that volunteering is one of my dreams! And with a previous volunteer phrase that really helped me a lot “being in a country you have never been before, doing something you have never done before… and actually succeed!! Is AMAZING!!”. So whoever it belongs to you are AMAZING!


In no time I became a member of the amazing PULSE 10 family in London. Yes, we became a family! I could never put it in a way better than Yvone Wolf (PULSE 10 family member) did! ‘’ we started as strangers and ended up being a family!”. It was an incredible experience and all the credit goes back to those amazing people! I felt like I was racing time to meet and spend as much time as I can with everyone. A very special group of people that I felt connected to, I had my moments and I even shared a personal “subconscious” story!

PULSE X Family


Moving back to my volunteering assignment and what am I doing here with Save the Children in Amman, Jordan. Especially that only very few people know about it (you know yourselves, thank you so much for your support!). Save the Children is on a strategic campaign called Every Last Child 2021 with a huge commitment to achieve change for the most deprived and marginalized children. And one of the three main strands of this campaign is Girls and Ending Child Marriage. Initially I was supposed to manage the project of Ending Child Marriage here in Jordan. Just to discover few days later that it has been unanimously decided that this is a top priority project and will be applied across the Middle East, North Africa and Eastern Europe region under the name of the Girl’s Summit.



Almost a fugitive, with an expired entry permit for a few days now, I was struggling to find out the renewal process. As apparently issuing a work permit is not valid anymore because I’m staying only for six months and the process of issuing one might take a full year! The good news is that I found out the process from a blog that I’ve stumbled upon online; however, my NGO admin must accompany me during the process so I need to push them to find the time to! So stay tuned people and wish me luck with that!!


#ivolunteer #PULSE10


    1. Haha you bet I did! Can’t run from my past you know. You should have seen the original draft though! It was crazy subconscious 😀 😀

  1. Subconsciously amazing Omar ! 😃, all the best in your endeavor, its because of people like you we can see Positive change happening,
    Stay Awesome ;)).

  2. Love that you’ve shared your experience! Sounds exciting and feels you have found yourself in volunteering , way to go…….

  3. It felt great to read through your first blog Omar. What a great kick off.
    I am excited to hear more inspiring news in your next story. 🙂

  4. Thanks for the post and update! I can’t stop smiling and laughing out loud when I remember your “subconscious” story.

  5. Omar,
    The best with your project. Hope all worked out for your visa. So happy to hear about how things are going with the PULSE assignments. I just started my assignment and learning about Abuja. Got to remember to take more pictures. Keep us updated.

  6. Thanks Elizabeth! Wishing you the same in your assignment as well. And yes you should definitely take more photos ;))

  7. This sounds like a great project, and so worthwhile too. I can’t wait to go to Jordan and volunteer abroad!

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