WE GOT YOU! ( Our NGO: Leonard Cheshire Disability )

davfbtI had to blog this, we dont get these coincidences very often, especially not a conincidence of the same mission! Mission to #BeChanged #BeTheChange #MakeTheChange

Finally the two ( YES, 2 ) Adrienn _ have re-united in Nairobi, and not only our first names are 99% similar but we are both matched to the same NGO, in Nairobi, only in different branches. How ironic and awesome is that ?

(Note: The other lady who dont look like me is Adrienne)

Adrienne and i come from different continents, but we share the same passion and energy when it comes to how we want to make an impact to our NGO. Although we have different skill sets, experience and contribution, ( Adrienne is in Sales, and i am in Finance)  our ultimate goals towards Leonard Cheshire Disabilty are the same –  ” Build capacity and have a sustainable impact on both the organisation and communities.

The aim of PULSE is not just to drive lasting change in communities, but also to drive lasting change in GSK, by creating a pool of transformational leaders with the diversified skills and vision to change themselves, their teams and ultimately the business. Pocessing the abilty to be versatile and innovative towards new views, processes and perspectives will eventually support our growth and build more confidence in our ability to step out of our comfort zones and take on new challenges.

So this is what we both have discussed and will proposed to the NGO. Once or twice a month, we will be physically together in the same LCD location where we both have the opportunity to be exposed / learn what and how our different skill sets are being put in practice and implemented. It would be an interesting opportunity to witness a different job function, where we see this as an opportunity for self- development and who knows, there could be new perspectives we could offer one another.

We urge, if there are other volunteers, who are sharing the same coincidence as us, to consider the same arrangement, as “We never stop learning, because life never stops teaching ”


Note: Welcome Lunch at Pronto Restaurant, Kimathi Street





  1. Very funny because I got confused when I was told that I would be the Adrienne’s Pulse buddy and I was already being Adrienne’s Pulse buddy kkkkkk. All the best for you both ladies! I’m sure you will be as passionated about LCD as I’m. Wish you a wonderful assignment!

  2. Fabulous to see you guys have connected and are able to “step out of your comfort Zones” and build on your skills and experience with Leonard Cheshire together! I look forward to hearing more over the coming months!

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