A journey for the Change

Friends, Here you are reading blog from Sajal Gupta, employed as Regional Training Manager for GlaxoSmithKline Vaccines. During last 13 years, I have been working with GSK under different roles, different businesses, different geographical areas and different teams. I have started my career with GSK as Representative then Sales Executive, Area business manager and now as a Regional Training Manager in Vaccines.

The Change- Change looks a small word. But how many of us actually visualize the impact of the change. This is when you believe in something and live a life as an example of it. You believe that you can bring about a small, marginal change in status quo with your action and behavior. I always imagined about the impact I can bring in Quality of life thru our small actions and behaviors who needs it most.

How it Started- Till last year, It was all as routine and suddenly things started getting changed when I interacted with few of our recent PULSE volunteers in meetings. I realized what an unique program it is. I started imagining the stories they were telling and I felt the vibes coming from my heart to make my dream true. Bringing a change in somebody’s life with devotion of little time, small actions and behavior was always in some corner of my heart.


I committed to myself to be a PULSE volunteer to be a Change for myself, for my Organization and for my community. I have started collecting info and got successful in getting approval from my Line manager. I must share with you that before getting approval from my line manager, took approval from my better half which was really a big challenge. But, God made our feelings, ambitions and purpose alike. I appreciate and loudly pay thanks from the deep of my heart for her courage to allow me for this assignment. I can’t compensate the kind of sacrifice done by her and my little angel.

I was getting restless as the process was progressing and finally the day came when I received the call from my manager for my selection as an International PULSE volunteer. It was unimaginable moment for me as I had faced lots of challenges for this. I sincerely thank all people involved in the process to make me as a volunteer.


My Assignment and NGO Partner-

I was matched with a Global NGO “Leonard Cheshire Disability” where I am being placed as Global Alliance Regional Coordinator and will be based at their Southern Africa Regional Office at Lusaka in Zambia.

Leonard Cheshire Disability is an organization supporting disabled people in the UK and around the world to fulfil their potential and live the lives they choose. This organization work for a society in which every person is equally valued.

I will play an important role as Global Alliance Regional Coordinator to help Global Alliance members realize their ambition. I will provide capacity-building support (in a number of areas like- fundraising, resource development, training and/or business planning), Project Management, Communication and Facilitation support.

What is PULSE-

“The PULSE Volunteer Partnership is GSK’s skills-based volunteering initiative.  Through PULSE, motivated employees are matched to a non-profit organisation for 3 or 6 months full-time, contributing their skills to solve healthcare challenges at home and abroad.  When PULSE Volunteers return to GSK, they act as catalysts to change the company for the better.” Read more here.

Volunteering in this assignment is going to be a big experience and learning which I never had. I am sure that you will be with me throughout this journey and will love to know the Change I bring in myself and community. So, Be connected with me at this page and be witness for a good Change. I will keep posting more updates on my “Memorable Journey for Change”

“Be the change you want to see in the world”



  1. Really interesting blog post and easy to read thanks to the good structure. I will enjoy keeping up to date with your journey!

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