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On June 18th I attended a technology marketplace seminar at Jhpiego’s ( Johns Hopkins Program for International Education in Gynecology and Obstetrics) Baltimore office location. I was impressed with the tools they have developed for the services they offer to improve Global Healthcare. Tools for training healthcare professionals, for assessing healthcare needs and for tracking healthcare advances especially in the area of women’s health, maternal healthcare and childbirth. These tools will make my role in my Pulse assignment so much easier.

On July 9, I will be starting my PULSE assignment at Jhpiego, Baltimore. I will be working with the Jhpiego team here to fine tune my project charter to first understand what Jhpiego expects me to accomplish during my assignment in Nigeria. This will ensure that I fully understand the scope of the work. One on one meetings with community healthcare workers and mid & low income private sector providers will help us determine the best guidelines for maternal care.

At our orientation in London we listened to Ernesto Sirolli’s TED talk on his experience in Africa and how not collaborating and working with the locals will result in wasted efforts in improving their lives. The gist of his talk- Want to help someone? Shut up and listen – will be the motto of my work for these 6 months. This is a transferable skill for my GSK job too. #Don’tFeedthehippos


Thanks to my Baltimore district teammates for working together this entire 2nd semester as they test out a pilot project promoting all Ellipta products to customers. You all have been really awesome with holding down the fort while I’m away. Your efforts will seamlessly provide coverage for Breo in my absence 🙏🏼

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