My journey started now…..


This is my 1st time writting in the blog. Few of my close friends remind me for couple time to share the blog with them as they equally eager to know my new journey here and how I landed in my first blog session.

Pic 2  Pic 1

Happy to share as today is my 2nd day to Cheshire Home Selangor as part of 2018 GSK Pulse Assignment Program. Cheshire Home Selangor was located in the center one of the largest wet market in Malaysia – Pasar Borong Selayang and plenty of choices with colorful, freshest, scent of fish and raw meat attempting to attract more customers offered daily. Start to slow down my pace prior my 2nd day arrival to the office and treat is as part my pitstop before reach the office because the sight, sound and smell remind me this is part of parcel of the Malaysian way of life!

Pic 3

My arrival seem like not a surprise to them and where even planned seat and some files arranged for me earlier here. In fact I’m the one surprise with the arrangement and truly appreciated with the warm and surprise welcome from them. I was invited to the weekly team meeting where got to know all my colleague here. With the support of my newly meet colleague and Datin Paduka Khatijah Sulaiman, I manage to get top view of introductory of Cheshire Home how it operate, support given and key stakeholder around. I believe there is still a lot of exposure and more refining required for my mission assignment here in coming couple weeks. Stay tuned!


  1. Great to read your first Blog and see you have begun to settle in nicely to your new location! Really looking forward to speaking to you soon to hear more about it – loving the pictures!

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