Leonard Cheshire Disability, Nairobi (my first few days)

Jambo! ( Hello in Swahili )

Figured i better blog now as so many excitement has happened in a matter of just a few days, and i wouldn’t want to miss blogging some of these special moments.


I first stepped into LCD office 3 days ago, and immediately knew i would fit in faster than i thought. To start off with , no one was suprised that i turned up, which is a good sign. In fact, they were all expecting my arrival, and we started to bond immediately over fruits, tea, jokes and so much of laughter!  Guess all the emails communication prior to my arrival,  worked!

The very first few person i met was Ann Lomole ( International Finance Manager ), Ann Mwindi ( Finance Manager for the Regional Office ), Franco Suchi ( Senior Finance Officer ) and Felix Otieno ( Regional Administator ). ( For this post, am only attaching the “indirect pictures” of these amazing people, until the photo release form is signed. ) Then i thought to myself, ” It was so nice to finally place names on faces” .

Still counting my blessings –  I was just in time for a 2 day workshop with Partners and Donors from all over Afrika! What better way to break the ice, meet and mingle with all of them.

Preparation for the 2 day workshop ( and those indirect pictures )




Disclaimer: I was also helping out in the preparation process, just had to take some pictures first 🙂

Workshop: Introduction to Financial Management ( in an NGO environment )

Date: 28th and 29th June 2018

Location: Nacece Resource Centre, Kenya institute of Curriculum Developmentsdr



During the start of the workshop we were asked to note down our goal/ expectation, so that in the end of the 2 day workshop we can gauge if most of our expectations have been metsdr

Some of the topics covered in the 2 day workshop:-




My learnings:

Although these are basic accounting topics, but after the 2 day workshop, i learnt that the concepts may be similar but the implication is different than in commercial markets. As you can see, it wasnt only theory focused but there were exercises we need to complete then discussed together openly. I love discussion moments the most, because i noted how everyone is being so transparent on the struggles they are facing, and how willing they are to be educated by attending this 2 day workshop. It was also a very interactive workshops because Partners and Donors from all functions were in one same workshop, where we also managed to discuss roles and responsibilities and segragation of duties.

For breaks and energizer sesssion- we danced and played musical chair ( i am clearly not very good in it )

Anyways, listening to the ongoing discussion amongst the Partners and Donoros, i noted that same processes were being done differently in different countries, and not everyone is clear on who does what, not clear on submmission timelines, not updated with the correct approval process….etc.  Immediately i knew , that’s where i step in. dav

So currently this is my very first KPI, and am positive that my contribution will benefit LCD, its partners and donors. If anyone of you out there wants to join hands with me on this task, do share your ideas or advise on how you think would be a better way of execution. Please feel free to comment.

Your input is deeply appreciated .Together we make a difference .!

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  1. Congratulations on passing your first step! Keep up the good work and the blogs.

    Your posts are inspiring and uplifting. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Adrienne,
    It’s the best way, just dive in and do it. You’ve done well for your first few days. Way to go!

  3. This was REALLY interesting – loved your pictures of the topics covered during your meeting and that you are already feeling that you can make a positive difference to Leonard Cheshire. I am sure that they will value your skills and expertise and you will be bringing back new skills to GSK in return!

    1. HI Den,

      Thank you for your continuously support, and i will surely try my very best 🙂 and YES, new skilsss, never stop learning!


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