Weaving a picture of change

Six months ago when the Pulse application process closed, June seemed an age away as I submitted my form and waited with fingers crossed for the response, trying not to set my hopes too high. And then came a sense of pride and achievement simply at being selected. What I didn’t appreciate was that far from being the first step in a simple linear process my application was the first thread in the weaving of a rich & complex fabric, but also that the change we had been told would inevitably happen to us as volunteers would be so evident in me before my assignment had even begun.

In no time at all other threads had started to weave themselves together – beginning with the allocation of my NGO, initial meetings with my future colleagues and an introduction to their aspirations for this assignment, just to build up the picture. Then three amazing days of training in GSK House with expert guidance from the global members of the Pulse Team & Pyxera; reassurance, true camaraderie and a common sense of purpose shared with fellow volunteers; a glimpse of the mystical Pulse gene; and inspirational testimonials from previous volunteers all added colour and texture. Time sped up somehow and before I knew it my handover and preparation was complete and it was my final day in GSK House for 6 months.

My assignment started today with WellChild, the UK’s national charity for sick children, and I am so excited to have been given the opportunity to join such a dynamic and innovative team as their first Pulse volunteer and to move in a completely new direction. I look forward to updating you on our work together and sharing the positive impact this charity has on childrens’ lives.




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