June 20


More communication, less communication tools

device pics

Today is the day, here we go, into the wild blue yonder!

2 Flights, looooong flights, and sometime tomorrow (yesterday?) I’ll arrive in Laos in the dead of night, grab a taxi and head to a hotel where I’ll stay until I get my housing sorted out.

It’s exciting, scary (in a good way), and I find myself thinking about what a previous PULSE volunteer told me he shared with his team when he returned: “I told them to put the phone down, to slow down, make it quality time to make it count.”

By the picture above you see like many, I’m connected, too connected, and my most overused phrase “Oh, gotta go, gotta take this other line.” Guilty as charged. Do I really have to take the other line, multi task w/3+ devices, giving no one my best attention, nor really taking in what is in front of me? Wait! I called you, and now I’m booting you off my line.

Although I’ll still be connected in Laos, one thing I truly hope to find (and will work on) is more connection without electronic connectivity. Yes, I’ll be in touch on all the various apps, but that phone is going in my pocket, not my hand as I walk down the street. I want to see, absorb, experience, get lost wandering, de-connect to the appropriate level. I want to meet people, engage, and I can’t do that while my nose is in a phone/tablet. You never know what’s around a corner if you can’t see it.

Laos, here I come. Electronically lighter in spirit at least!