A new path

  “Never believe that a few caring people can’t change the world. For, indeed, that’s all who ever have.” 

– Margaret Mead, The World Ahead

This month, I’m delighted to be joining PATH, a Seattle-based NGO which works towards developing solutions to global health challenges by engaging public and private partners worldwide.

PATH drives innovation based on the foundational principle that the world’s most vulnerable people should have the same right to benefit from health technologies as the wealthiest. By bridging the gap between public and private industries, PATH demonstrates the incredible things a small group of people with a vision can accomplish.

I first heard of PATH in 2015, while I was undertaking an MSc. in Public Health. The organization was working with GSK on bringing a vaccine for protection against malaria to market; the partnership represented perhaps one of the greatest steps forward in combatting one of the world’s most deadly infectious diseases. The RTS,S vaccine, which was recently implemented as a routine immunization in Sub-Saharan Africa was cited in one of my Public Health courses as a major success in public-private partnership. By aligning the priorities of the non-profit world and bringing private organizations to the table, PATH had successfully brought to balance the needs of some of the most impoverished populations with the resources of a multi-billion dollar industry. Indeed, PATH is one of the greatest agents of change in this generation of Public Health.

The opportunity to work at PATH is truly a dream come true. This opportunity is especially exciting given the current landscape of public health, and the central role PATH plays in responding to emerging health challenges. I look forward to keeping you all updated on this new adventure and hope to provide some insights into the exciting world of global public health!

Views expressed in this post are those of the author and not of GSK or PATH.



  1. Hi Patrick. I’m glad you received a Pulse assignment that fits you! I was wondering where you were placed. All the best!

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