To bare or not to bear

To bareuncover and expose it to view ~~~  To bearsupport; carry the weight of

Change yourself, change communities, change GSK – that is the 3-fold mission of PULSE.

I can’t quite believe my PULSE adventure begins for real in just a few days time! As the waiting game comes to an end (alongside the hastily finishing my projects game), I’m taking the opportunity to practice my blogging skills.   I’ll start by reflecting on change yourself.

When I met the inspiring, amazing PULSE 10 cohort a few weeks ago, it struck me what an intensely personal journey this is for each of us – the twists and turns that bought us here, the many gifts we have to give, and our passion to shape our own destiny. These make up the powerful story that each one of us holds close to our heart. Sharing our story is a key component to making change happen. To do that we need to find our voice …

I’m a big advocate for journaling (the private, personal reflection) and blogging (sharing each chapter with others), but in the melee of work and life it can be a challenge to pause, reflect and capture that moment. As I think about what I might blog on during the coming months (I’m sure there will be no shortage of adventures to share); I want to make sure my story is memorable and insightful – and – that it helps me learn, grow and explore new avenues.

One of the things I want to achieve personally from PULSE, is not to bear everyday burdens alone and to bare more of my inner thoughts with others;

  • As we travel life’s journey, it’s easy to bear too much weight from the trials, tribulations and pressures that face us. To move on we must shed, share or accept these.  Travelling lighter will give us more space to fill with new and fresh experiences.
  • To grow and develop, we need to be humble, vulnerable and authentic. As an extrovert and someone who thrives on human interaction, I can also be a very private person. Sharing more of my inner emotions, experiences and perspectives I believe will help me continue the commitment to change myself.

Social media can be a strange place, I’m sure we all have some form of love-hate relationship with it … I’ll be the first to admit to craving a bit of self-validation. What if people don’t like what I write? The bottom line is they will, every story shared is unique and interesting, and offers something to anyone taking the time to read it. And, anyway who cares if they don’t – that’s only half the story.  Just making sense of our own story will heighten our self-awareness and make us more open to the possibility for change.

On a final ‘beary’ note … I’m feeling just a little bit like my favourite bear, Paddington – getting ready to leave my familiar forest and GSK family to embark on a wide-eyed new adventure in London. Let’s hope the chaotic new Thameslink timetable holds up and gets me to St Pancras (not Paddington) on time on the 18th!


(not being close to an actual forest to photograph a few bears, you’ll have to make do with my little doodle!)





  1. Loved you post…so are you packing your Marmalade sandwiches in your hat to keep you going when the trains let you down? My top tip for coping with trains were…see any delay with trains as an opportunity…to reflect and have me time, listen to music, shop (at KX), chat to friends or family, issue instruction to family re getting tea ready!!, read or listen to books…and in the summer top up my tan as I stood on the platform. One lovely thing came out of delays and waiting for trains is I made friends with a few other commuters and enriched my life by getting some new friends from very differnet walks of life! Thursday’s was the best, I would abandon the journey home resorting to G&T in the local with the STC staff!! Hope this makes you look forward to the commute more!

    1. Top tips Helen – I think I will follow most of those (esp the G&T!). The PULSE10ers have been talking about the strangest thing they’ve packed … well mine is a spare heavy duty battery for my iPhone to cope with internet shopping via 4G en-route! In my PhD days I used to commute via train from Huddersfield to Manchester every day, I only remember those days fondly … watching the Pennines go by and people watching.

  2. Love the title, the doodle and the content! I say you are already a ‘bearer’ of great writing talent 🙂 Keep these posts coming, Best …Manu.

  3. Great article, very well written! Love the doodle of the bear! Look forward to reading more about your journey with STC 🙂

  4. Kathryn, I LOVE your posts. You are a great, funny, insightful soul and writer, and apparently artist too! Best of luck during the start of your assignment, and I look forward to reading your updates!! 🙂

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