“I am brave. I am bruised. This is who I’m meant to be. This is me.” – The Greatest Showman


InfoBurst Session is a quick update from the GSK Business Service Centre – Kuala Lumpur Leadership Team. All the employees will gather in one common area at the centre and listen to the current events and happenings. The BSC KL Head will lead the session and invited speakers/guests will have their own time to share key updates for everyone. This will last for around 15 – 20 minutes.


The latest InfoBurst Session happened last 11th June 2018. The topics for that day were GSK Malaysia 60 Years Celebration Family Day, Team Spirit Hari Raya Outreach Activities & PULSE Participants from the centre. (Yes, it’s PULSE. It’s me, Adrienna, Alfer and Mei Yen will have a participation in the upcoming InfoBurst.)

blog 42
The agenda during the InfoBurst Session.


But before I received the meeting invite for the session, the Regional CRM Lead & Business Partner for APAC told me a couple of days ago, that he was arranging something with the BSC KL LT for the PULSE Volunteers. I thought it was only a communication to be sent to all employees regarding our journey and upcoming deployment, but it was not like that. It’s a bigger surprise. It’s a better avenue to share our stories. And it’s going to be more exciting for us. Yes, we would be sharing our journey and personal reasons on joining the PULSE Program on a live audience.


On the day of the session, Adrienna and I were approached personally by the BSC KL Head. Same went as well for Alfer and Mei Yen. She expressed her gratitude and excitement to both of us. She told us as to prepare a short introduction about PULSE and our stories to share to all the employees. It was a good 10-minute discussion.


It’s already 11 o’clock in the morning and the session was about to begin. Employees started to gather on the designated area. The four of us were on one side waiting for our moment to be called. The BSC KL Head started to talk about PULSE. (Yes, this is the moment.) She gave a brief introduction about the program and our names were being called. We were all happy and smiling while hearing the applause from everyone. We headed immediately in front and started to share our stories.


Adrienna kicked off by sharing her reason on joining PULSE, her role on Kenya and acknowledging the support from Finance Services. Mei Yen followed by providing information for her home assignment. I gave a brief background regarding the application & selection process for volunteers, discussed my role in Partners in Health in Malawi and of course giving thanks to my team, SLO and the whole Finance Services Community for their support. Alfer ended our session by sharing our London Trip, his story, acknowledging the support from his team and encouraging everyone to join PULSE in the future.

blog 4
InforBurst Session at BSC KL. (From L-R) Alfer, Nancy (BSC Head), me, Mei Yen and Adrienna during our sharing session.


It was a proud moment for us. It was when all our efforts were recognized. It was a great time to inspire others and be a change agent. It was the right time to acknowledge the good people for their support throughout our journey. It was the time that we were being ourselves and showed to others how brave we were to take this challenge.


We are not representing only ourselves to the world, but rather we are resounding the name of GSK to show to everyone that we can make a difference. We are going to show the world what we can do. We are GSK. We are volunteers. We are PULSE 10!


  1. What a lovely post Gilbert! Loved how you ended it …. we are PULSE10!!! You all are a a very positive force of good in this world !! All the best, Manu.

    1. Thanks Manu. Just claiming that I am a proud PULSE 10 volunteers 🙂 and I can make a difference. Cheers!

  2. Such a great post, Gilbert – thank you for sharing! Love your positive energy & how you’re flying the PULSE flag in KL. Also love how you ended with “We are PULSE10.” Continue to ‘be the change’ — the world is a better place because of you!

    1. “We are PULSE10” – this statement makes me more motivated on my PULSE journey Ahsiya as well as promoting this program. There can only be one PULSE10 Group in the history of PULSE and being part of this makes me really proud.

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