Thorn Among the Roses

There is no rose without thorns. – Pam Muñoz Ryan

This is a special feature to the team I belong – which, of course I am glad to be with.

My current team has been formed since the R2R Finance Transformation last November 2017. It is the combination of Malaysia/Indonesia Team and Singapore/Vietnam/Cambodia/Laos Team – which I’ve been part of since 2015. Michelle is the current team lead for all those interesting countries in Southeast Asia. All six of us report to her directly.

It’s fun to be with the team every day! Aside from our day-to-day job on our respective countries being supported, our table is loaded as well with food! Yes, you heard it right. We’ve got plenty of food on our table. And it is being replenished every now and then. This one thing in common binds us together and stronger to enhance our camaraderie and teamwork.

They are also good and experienced advisers. As I share my personal life to them (part of it only, not 100%), I’ve been receiving a lot of encouraging feedbacks and comments. Not to include as well some questions which are fun to answer. I really appreciate their “words of wisdom” towards a special girl which I’ve given a pink rose last Valentine’s Day. This is one of the hottest topic on our WhatsApp group conversation. I know they are waiting for the update on this 🙂

I’ve seen tremendous support from them throughout my Pulse application journey. Even during our team meetings, they show interest on the progress of my application until my preparation for my actual deployment. They cover up for me as well some activities when I attended the London training. Teamwork really works. As I am writing this blog, they are currently busy for the month end closing – a typical scenario in finance.

Our team will be having a simple lunch before I fly off to Malawi in Africa this coming 12th June. I do not consider it as a farewell but rather a celebration for this wonderful achievement and a thanksgiving for every one for being a great team and a family.

To my SG VN KH LA MY ID Financial Reporting Team Family, cheers to all of us guys and thank you for your support. This is not a goodbye but rather see you soon!

blog 2

Feature Photo : (L-R) Michelle, Li Lian, Sik Boon, Ying Sing, Sylvia, Verinder and me during the Chinese New Year Celebration in BSC KL Office.


  1. I really liked your detailed description of your team and the wonderful support you have. Good luck on the PULSE assignment and with the rose recipient!

    1. Thanks Renu! Looking forward as well on the rose recipient. Goodluck too on your PULSE assignment. Make the most out of it. Cheers!

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