June 05


My first day in the new office for my PULSE volunteer assignment


Yesterday I walked into work at an office that wasn’t a GSK building for the first time, well, pretty much ever.  I’ve been with GSK or one of our legacy companies for the past 27 years.

My new colleagues at The Food Trust here in Philadelphia – my office through the end of the year — gave me such a warm welcome.  I even had a working computer with email, calendar, and share drives all set up and waiting for me!

Many of my fellow PULSE volunteers are navigating much bigger changes like obtaining visas and finding housing in totally different countries, but I did have to navigate city parking.

On Thursday I will be getting out of the office and into the community. The Food Trust is hosting two events in Camden, NJ:  a picnic for the HYPE Youth Leadership Council at the Center for Environmental Transformation followed by a Pop Up Market at one of the local elementary schools.

I already feel part of the team here and am looking forward to getting out in the field.  Stay tuned for pictures of our big day in Camden.