My Pulse Journey Begins

The 2018 PULSE orientation at GSK House in London was just the beginning of my PULSE journey. Everyday of the orientation May 15-17  was a new high as we looked at ways by which we accomplish the PULSE mission: to change Me, Change GSK and Change Communities . Our orientation was so well planned and laid out for us, thanks to the the relentless efforts of our PULSE team leaders and staff.

When I met the team of 50+ volunteers from 20 countries around the world, everyone of them charged with passion and enthusiasm to change for the better; themselves, GSK and the communities they will be working in, I realized it way exactly what I had signed up for.

Every day focused on a new theme and activities from LEGO buildings to marshmallow towers, TED talks and dancing to keep the jet lag at bay, kept us focused and charged to absorb all that was needed to be the best volunteer, the best change agent. The camaraderie we built helped us learn from each other and build a close knit group that vowed to keep in touch wherever we were in the world. I met my volunteer partner for the city of Abuja where I will be going. Together we will navigate unchartered waters in Abuja, Nigeria and together we will accomplish the goals of our respective assignments.

I couldn’t get enough of London so I stayed the weekend to explore parts of London not seen before and topped off my trip with a visit to Windsor to attend the Royal wedding of HRH Prince Harry and Megan Markle. A moment I’ll cherish for a long time.

Today as I walk into my doctors’ office I hold my head a little higher as I represent GSK, a true leader in Global Healthcare,  in my mind is the picture of GSK House and the awesome experience of the orientation, the change I’m going to bring about for the better and I am proud to represent GSK.

Thanks to all of my fellow PULSE volunteers and the dedicated efforts of the Global PULSE team for all their hard work to bring us together and inspire us to each ‘Be the change we want to see in the world’

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