May 21


Forces of Nature

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My garden before the growth spurt!

Yesterday I mowed the lawn – it took me almost 5h (I do have a rather large garden, and there was an awful lot of strimming to be done as well). I only did it last week … how does the green stuff grow sooo quickly I wondered? I asked my 13-year old daughter, and she told me in a very matter-of-fact way that it was WOW. By that she means water, oxygen and warmth. Just three basic, but essential, ‘elements’ to create the perfect conditions for rapid growth.


As I was humming along atop my wee tractor, I had time to reflect on the journey that has begun to feel very real after the PULSE orientation training at GSK House last week.   I’m feeling extremely inspired and super excited as I get ready to join Save the Children International, as their Centenary Public Engagement Officer, based in Central London.

What will be my WOW …

  • Water – to create new growth I will need to use and extend my roots. I know I’ll need to leverage all the skills and resources I’ve acquired over many years at school, university and work. Applying them in new ways and sharing them freely with others.
  • Oxygen – a new environment gives us opportunity to breathe in new air. I know I’ll be humbled and energised by the diversity of ideas, skills and perspectives from all the people I will meet during my PULSE journey. I want these to breathe new life into how I collaborate, lead and deliver results.
  • Warmth – even with all the water and oxygen available, a hostile environment will stunt and wither even the best seedling. The support from the PULSE family is tangible, and along with the support from family, friends and trusted colleagues I just know I’ll thrive and blossom.

There are times in life when we need to ‘weed out’ the things that matter less and that hold us back from being our true selves.   Even when we have been ‘pruned back’ as life takes its unexpected twists and turns, we can find new energy where it is least expected and establish new growth from a new place. I can’t say how lucky I feel to have been selected for this amazing opportunity.

But this journey is not all about me. I chose to do PULSE because I want to make a genuine difference in our world, and give something of me back for the benefit of others. The core centenary message for Save the Children is about Ending the War on Children, continuing the mission started by Eglantyne Jebb, the courageous, outspoken and compassionate founder of STC. As I delve into the work that STC are involved in, I find it hard to comprehend the unspeakable situations that millions of children around our globe are in – as innocent victims caught up in human conflict and without the basic essentials we expect at the start of life. How can I contribute to giving them back their WOW I wonder?

I can’t finish my first blog without saying a massive thank you to all my fellow PULSEees as we embark on this amazing and life-changing journey together, as well as to our managers, colleagues, the dedicated PULSE team, NGO partners and GSK who make this all possible. You are all WOW … amazing forces of nature!

Me pulse training_funny

Feeling excited at GSK House PULSE Orientation Training