Back to Blighty!

Back at work

I am writing this a little behind schedule as I have been back in the UK for a few weeks now and the shock is just about wearing off.  Although I am still not used to the supermarkets…why do we need so many options?!

As I settle down into the madness of the West – getting used to head-down running around, stony faces on the tube: it seems there’s limited time for spontaneity and joy.  We’re already thinking about the next thing rather than enjoying what we have – so sad when you think about it.  I’m trying to cling on to this ‘bigger picture’ perspective and gratefulness as long as possible…

Having had moments whilst I was away of questioning whether I would meet my objectives I was pleasantly surprised to come to the end of my assignment and reflect how far I had actually come.  Both from a personal and work perspective.  Nepal is one of those places where there are lots of blocks to doing things, discussions last a long time and challenges seem to rear their head at every turn and sometimes it feels like you’re getting nowhere.  Then all of a sudden its go go go…..and everything goes ahead at full speed.  It pays to be prepared!

So looking back at my assignment from the comfort of my desk, how did it go…  Well there are 3 aims of the GSK PULSE assignment – change communities, change yourself and change GSK.

So what changed….well the project to improve maternal outcomes hopefully has some clear evidence linking activities to outcomes that can be used for advocacy, I have a wider perspective of the challenges of the world and the perseverance to keep going when things are tough.  As for what I’m bringing back to GSK – a more challenging and questioning outlook, and to look at an issue not just through one lens but many.  After all how can we truly help our patients unless we understand them and how can we understand unless we try to walk in their shoes…

walk in their shoes


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