Mam Lulu

Mam Lulu

I am a little behind with my blogs due to my preparation of my Re-Entry back to UK and my role at GSK which I have been looking forward to.

As promised I would like to dedicate this blog to a very special lady I met during my visit to Leonard Cheshire Disability Philippines Foundation, Inc. (LCDPFI) in December 2017. This lady is of course Lourdes Lopez Reyes, Mam Lulu or “Lulu”, as she is fondly called by people close to her who is the founder of Leonard Cheshire Disability Philippines Foundation, Inc. (LCDPFI) in September 27, 2010 (I introduced Mam Lulu in my last blog)

Mam Lulu proved to the world that she is capable of doing more than what is expected of her and was able to help change the lives of many people with disabilities (PWDs) by sending them to school, helping care for them and even adopting a few, the list is endless.

In her own words below video she explains how the LCDPFI was founded, she was attending a forum in India as senior vice president of Cheshire Home and was asked to form LCDPFI which she found difficult to form such an organisation as she is not an administrator, she is by profession a music teacher, a pianist, a dancer and a singer. Mam Lulu explains that this is based on trust and commitment, she explains she had to form a Board which was difficult, she states the Board member/s must have either a child, grand child or themselves have a disability who has a passion and ability to commit and have caring attitude, the Board was finally formed.

She was deeply involved with many charities before she became founding chairperson, she also visited Mother Teresa’s charity where she helped to bath and feed the kids and particularly she took care of a boy who was also disabled and happened to be a difficult child but became very fond of Mam Lulu and went with her hence she took care of him. Photo below of Jeffrey Torres 4 ½ years old from Mother Teresa’s Home.

Mam Lulu also shares a very heart-warming story about a prisoner she helped with her father’s connection and she was able to help him get parole. The prisoner thanked Lulu and stated he became a teacher of the children in the prison.

Below I share the photos where Mam Lulu volunteered and help and looked after the sick and the vulnerable children who needed help and care, she has been recognised as being kind and caring who believes that we should always be kind and help others who needs help. She took her father’s footsteps as her father believed in the same principle.

She has been given many certificates of Appreciation, you can see from the below picture she was awarded for her generosity and consistent benefactress to the St Martin de Porres Center Educational Aim Program which is responsible for assisting needy elementary school children.

She was sent many messages from the people she helped along the way and made a real difference to people’s lives. One of the card given to her stated “I can see God in your Life, in your work and the way that you live”, I share a photo below of this card with a beautiful message from someone she helped.

I feel very privileged to have met this selfless and adorable lady.



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