January 09


One Point Five Billion Inches

The circumference of the Earth is 1.5 billion inches. So, let’s get started ridding around our Big Rock – the spaceship Earth. Starting point was Abuja which is easily 252.283.465 inches away from my beloved family in Germany. By the end of my assignment I traveled through all this distance and eventually reunited with them.

2017-12-16 08.33.36

It was overwhelming to see my family and friends after the six months however I enjoyed every minute with my parents, nephews, friends and everyone back home in old good Germany. Every year I try to return home to Germany, but this time was special – time of peace, inner reflection and a great chance to recharge my batteries ahead of returning to GSK Singapore in January 2018.

2017-12-25 15.52.21

In August, my sister Martina had her second baby (weight – 3890 gram, height – 53cm) and our whole family is very proud of this small wonder. I was very honored to be appointed Nela Melina’s godfather. Therefore, after my home coming we all were going together to a church near my home town to welcome this newborn to our community with a lovely church service. I am very proud to fulfill my honest duty and will promise to help these parents with their duty to raise her with dignity and good faith. Nela is such a lovely girl and after holding her she already gathered a big part of my heart.

2017-12-17 11.36.42

2017-12-17 12.27.03.jpgThe next day after the christening we had a Christmas celebration. The best place to be for during the festive session is the round of family. This Christmas eve we gathered together and as a every year tradition sang songs before the youngsters jumped onto the gifts. This year some traditional Nigerian hats were found with great pleasure for our small family members.

Christmas would be not the same if we are not meeting on the first Christmas day at my grandma’s house. She is already 96 years old, so we all are happy to join have celebrations at her house every year. I wish her many more Christmas’s surrounded by our family!

2017-12-28 21.54.11

2017-12-28 21.54.13The other highlight of my trip was visiting German Christmas market and winter circus with my nephews – such pleasant moments with my family I enjoyed and will miss. As always, the weather was wonderful at this time of the year and luckily I even cached some snow before coming back to tropical Singapore.

2017-12-20 14.09.06

Everything comes to an end like everything in this world. The time runs out and every year the time comes to move another 398.740.158 inches from Germany to Singapore. Once I got back to Singapore I was welcomed by my friends and my wife for a relaxed New Years eve and some hot pot at a friend’s family house. What a wonderful year of joy and incredible new experiences on our Big Rock!

2017-12-31 21.42.26

The first day of the new year 2018 was my first day back to GSK Asia House in Singapore. I had a small surprise for everyone to appreciate their support during my assignment. Now I am looking forward to get back into the office routine and to catch-up with my colleagues.

2018-01-05 16.59.27

Thank you everyone for following my blog and supporting me for the past few months! With all the love and positive energy received in the last month from my family and friends I wish you all the best and a very happy, healthy and successful 2018!

2018-01-02 13.47.54