Life surprise: meeting an ex-GSK Pulse volunteer on my last volunteering day!

How can life surprise us?

I am ending my volunteering experience by spending these last days in GSK Johannesburg before flying back home…. and in the open space, next to me, is sitting an ex-GSK Pulse volunteer! The chemistry was immediately there when we introduced each other! As usual, Africans are so friendly in this open space, coming to you, introducing themselves and asking about you with a great and warm smile! This is how I met Mpho ! When I told her I was ending my volunteering assignment, she immediately understood what I mean! And suddenly, magic just happens! GSK Pulse volunteers feel like part of the same family! We immediately understood each other when talking about emotions, about human contact, about poverty, about sense of purpose during our assignment, about helping every single person in the communities in Africa!

We went for lunch on my last volunteering day and exchanged all our learnings about this great volunteering experience: taking a step back, approaching things differently, having more confidence and leadership, thinking we are lucky compared to the poverty we have witnessed (and we do not want to waste), adopting another pace when implementing actions and thinking twice before acting! Notion of time is now different: why rushing? why judging at first sight? Everyone has a different background, a different history, different emotions, different pace… just respect, do not judge and take time to apprehend things!

Also, GSK is a big family… and I was warmly welcomed by a GSK Belgian colleague recently expatriated in Johannesburg, Daphné! I would like to thank Daphné deeply for making my last two days in Jo’burg great!

Thanks to this PULSE family spirit and for the great life learnings!


It is now time to leave Africa, but as we say, my heart will remain there…



  1. Haha, that’s an awesome coincidence! Mpho was a great volunteer, glad that you got to meet her at GSK South Africa. All the best on your transition back, Audrey. Excited to hear more about your time on PULSE. Cheers!

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