Last moments in Africa & getting ready for 2018 ?

This week, I was part of the last sales challenge with the team! We suffered from the heavy heat to go door-to-door to each shop in the compounds, trying to push key products! This time, we carried with us a lot of promotional materials on GSK Aquafresh toothpaste to support shops selling this product to local consumers. I made a recent analysis that promotional materials directly set up in shops boosted sales up to +30%. It was again a tough challenge to convince communities to buy from us, knowing there is little money available due to bad harvest season and low prices of maize…

I enjoyed every single minute of this sales and marketing action and will remember the great smiles and happy faces from the shop owners, so pleased to receive lovely and trendy carton shelves to display their products: it will enlighten their shops and make them look fancier!



This week was also the opportunity to reflect on learnings and recommendations for the development of this social enterprise for which I wish all the best in the future and to reach even more local communities in deep need of health care products!

I had a great lunch with my local procurement colleague, enjoyed a last Indian cooking class with my Indian friends, last cocktails with local friends…

Now, I am ready to fly back to Europe, but only after Christmas period in order to avoid a contrasting shock between the consumption in excess and protuberance of Christmas decoration, food and gifts with the poverty witnessed here in the compounds where kids play with a milk bottle transformed into little trucks!

2018 will be an opportunity to reflect on the next step for my professional challenges, hoping to stay in the Life Science world giving a purpose in life by helping people access health care and create awareness about it through communications, marketing and relationships management!

Shakespeare residence staff that welcomed me every single day! I baked a chocolate cake to thank them!


Every day, I purchased my fruit and vegetables to this lady below, named Cecilia. She is poor and lives in tough conditions. I wanted to contribute to her small business on a daily basis rather than going to a supermarket (please do the same, contribute to local producers to sustain their business!). Regularly, I took Michael, her grandson, with me for an ice cream (he can’t afford such a treat!). We enjoyed so much our exchanges over the last 6 months! I wish a nice future to Michael who dreams to become an automotive engineer! I will miss all of them…but nice memories will remain!



  1. Salut Audrey, avec quelle expérience de la vie , du monde et du business tu vas revenir en Europe : c’est cela leur richesse là-bas !
    Le retour sera probablement aussi challenging que le départ , mais je suis sûre que tu continueras à suivre ta bonne étoile 💫 !
    J’espère avoir l’occasion de te revoir en 2018 pour s’échanger nos aventures de vive voix. Je serai en Belgique jusqu’au 7 janvier et puis reprendrai l’avion de retour pour Mumbai avec les enfants. Mais reviendrai encore en douce et calme Belgique ! Je t’embrasse bien fort, Delphine

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