‘I love that company’

During my assignment in Ghana I have spoken to a few pharmacists. When I tell them I work for GSK, they become positively excited even to the point of saying (Quote) ‘I love that company’. ‘Why?’ you may ask.

Well, it’s because GSK has a reputation for making and supplying medicines of high quality whose therapeutic effects are fully predictable. In the developing world, high quality cannot be taken for granted from every company.  WHO estimates that 10.5% of all medical products used in low- and middle-income countries are substandard or falsified, leading to significant harm. Take a look at the report published last month:


So with this blog I wanted to give credit to my colleagues for their focus on developing and making medicines of high quality and help them ‘see’ that there is a patient at the end of everything they do. Here are some excited pharmacists.






  1. This is great Robert – enjoyed reading this and your other posts. Looking forward to hearing more about your assignment when you are back. Best wishes.

  2. What a WONDERFUL experience and message. Robert, I work as a Senior Clinical Research Associate in the United States. We work directly on the ‘front lines’ of Clinical Trial deployment, management and delivery! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK so much for this wonderful posting and for representing GSK on your PULSE assignment!

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