The countryside around Antananarivo(part II, National Park & primary forest)

During a WE, while visiting the Andasibe park, we were very happy to see for the first time in my life different species of wild lemurs in the forest, but this is still much more funny and surprising to hear the voice of the Indri Indri lemurs which are leaving in groups of 8-12 individuals and their sounds are telling the other groups from the same species where they are and that it’s better for them to remain far enough… you can discover their strange sounds at the end of this page (video logo below)… what for a very surprising and strange voice !. The Indri Indri lemur is the only one without a tail, and  is living in primary forests (the remaining ones) from the North-East part of Madagascar.


The picture at the front page represents a Lemur Vari (or Sifaka Vari, varecia variegata variegata) pumping the heat from he sun. That one is also originated from the North-East of the Island.

Lemurs are mammals which are living only in Madagascar, and because the island is isolated from the Africa continent for more than 160 millions of years (+/-), the vast majority of animal species (mammals, but also birds) are endemic, and are not present anywhere else in the world (except in zoos of course !). For lemurs, I did not imagine that there were so many different species, still more than 103 today, and 7 others are now already extincted.  Here are some other species, seen in the Lemur park near Tana :


And here some chameleons you may discover at different places …


And …





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