Thinking about socially vulnerable poor

*Japanese follows-日本語が下部にあります***

My missions in Jordan are to create posters and VR videos (virtual reality), interviews with Syrian refugees and an ADP* workshop in our Jordan office.

*ADP (Accelerated Delivery Performance ) is a new process of leading and managing change in GSK. ADP incorporates ways of working, behaviours and tools that you can apply to your work to help drive better performance in the organization.


This is our Jordan office.

The field trip gave me the true humanitarian aid and international support experience. Even when I am working for same NGO that is supporting the refugees, I could feel many things which I could not see in Japan. For example, difficulty of support, paradox of humanitarian aid, disgusting treatment of people, dishonesty of the world and so on. It was a good opportunity to think deeply about my work more and more.



For example, what is vulnerable?

Please look the above photos.


At first glance, their life looks sufficient because their caravan (temporary house) is big, beautiful and gorgeous. But their father have to undergo hemodialysis(HD) three times a week and he has five young children. I don’t know why but his arm part of shunt for HD is swelling and blood flow is more difficult. It is necessary to evaluate not only lack of efficacy also the total situation.


(We learned of this gap and case work in orientation. I remembered the session and understood totally! )


The view that if a family can make a living now, we have to support the other family who need support right now sometimes crosses my mind ; especially when I faced a situation where someone is in trouble. For example, while distributes supplies for a family who have a big house, one barefooted girl held out her hand to me and said “please give me something.”….


Even they look like their life is sufficient, but they have disabilities or diseases. It is possible to influence easily by changing the environment so that they are thought as vulnerable.

Don’t get me prejudice and discrimination, but minority races and people with a disability are high-risk person. Aiming that no one will be left behind, we will keep support for sustainable life of people all over the world.


In closing, let me summarize briefly my view.

I believe that if general perception changes from seeing the glass as “half full” to seeing it as “half empty”, there are major innovative opportunities.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who are suffering from poverty and have been stricken with hardship due to conflicts. It is sad that our world has still empty part… that’s why we have opportunities to change the world, don’t you think?


Shall we take actions?


Photo : JEN/the road
















一見、キャラバン(仮設住宅)が大きくて部屋の中も綺麗に着飾っているようなお宅でも、旦那さんは週3回の透析治療を続けなければならず、幼い子供が5人もいる。透析環境が悪かったのか、透析シャント部分は大きく腫れ上がっており、血流状態も悪い。lack of efficacy だけでなく、総合的な状況を調査し、評価することが求められます。

(事前のPULSE orientation でもケースワークで習ってはいましたが、なるほど。しっくりきました。)




ただ、現在の生活が十分そうに見えていても病気や障害を抱えているということは、周りの環境に影響を受けやすいことは間違いない。透析が悪化したり、医療制度が変わったりすると、vulnerable personになるRiskを抱えているんです。








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