Salamat Po – Thank you – 谢谢

This blog is dedicated to my home team back in Singapore.  Save the children’s staff and people I met in Philippines, India and Bangladesh are telling me how wonderful to spend 6 months in a voluntary work.  Yes, totally! This is really a once in a life time experience.

But, who are the heroes behind my PULSE journey?!

GSK to have this amazing CSR PULSE program: Of course.

GSK Global PULSE team, my PULSE buddy, Natalie and my Job+ coach, Sandra who support me throughout my PULSE journey:  For sure.

PULSE team

The most important is my home team back in GSK Vaccine, Singapore Tuas, especially my department – Value Stream Bulk.  My dream would not realize without your supports. Thanks for covering my role and responsibilities during my 6 months PULSE journey.  I know this is a very happening 6 months with full of activities: Site Vision, TX 20, new MSAT organization etc.

Thanks for giving me such a wonderful farewell surprise on my last day although I was running out of time to do all the handovers and yet to spend time to unwrap the newspapers from my desk.



Thanks for the warm welcomes whenever I was back onsite/ home during my business trips in Singapore.


Thanks for helping me to organize a GSK field trip visit for Directors from Save The Children, Asia Regional Office to understand the complex manufacturing process for the conjugate pneumococcal vaccines.

Group picture

Million thanks again and I hope you enjoy my blogs. I will see you all very soon.


  1. What a wonderful blog, Kelly! Love your attitude of gratitude — and your wonderful pictures too 🙂 So thankful to have you as part of our PULSE family!

    1. Thank you, Ahsiya! It is my Honour to be part of the 2017 Pulse Volunteers. I have to say PULSE program is very well Organised.

    1. Thanks Vivian! We shouldn’t take thing in life for granted, especially after PULSE assignment, it helps me to see thing from adifferent angle. Thank you for supporting us too!

  2. It has been an absolute pleasure being part of your experience, Kelly, and I have learnt so much from you, too. Your spirit of making the most of every opportunity and giving your all. I know the Save the Children teams will miss you and I’m sure your home team will be excited to have you back!

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