November 29


Salamat Po – Thank you – 谢谢

This blog is dedicated to my home team back in Singapore.  Save the children’s staff and people I met in Philippines, India and Bangladesh are telling me how wonderful to spend 6 months in a voluntary work.  Yes, totally! This is really a once in a life time experience.

But, who are the heroes behind my PULSE journey?!

GSK to have this amazing CSR PULSE program: Of course.

GSK Global PULSE team, my PULSE buddy, Natalie and my Job+ coach, Sandra who support me throughout my PULSE journey:  For sure.

PULSE team

The most important is my home team back in GSK Vaccine, Singapore Tuas, especially my department – Value Stream Bulk.  My dream would not realize without your supports. Thanks for covering my role and responsibilities during my 6 months PULSE journey.  I know this is a very happening 6 months with full of activities: Site Vision, TX 20, new MSAT organization etc.

Thanks for giving me such a wonderful farewell surprise on my last day although I was running out of time to do all the handovers and yet to spend time to unwrap the newspapers from my desk.



Thanks for the warm welcomes whenever I was back onsite/ home during my business trips in Singapore.


Thanks for helping me to organize a GSK field trip visit for Directors from Save The Children, Asia Regional Office to understand the complex manufacturing process for the conjugate pneumococcal vaccines.

Group picture

Million thanks again and I hope you enjoy my blogs. I will see you all very soon.