The countryside around Antananarivo (part 1 : rural villages)

If I want to go out of Tana city, I leave for a full WE at around 80-100 km from the capital (for ex in a National Park) or I go for walking one full day with a travel agency to discover villages and hills in the countryside.  Both solutions are giving me fresh air after a working week in this overcrowded, polluted and dusty city.

In order to give you a flavor of how the countryside looks like around Tana, I am posting here few pictures of houses, villages, rice fields, and hills.

Houses are made from brick clay produced from soil collected near the rice fields, or in the fields, but before the water season and rice transplanting, and then dried. Bricks were not cooked at the beginning, but English (or French) people brought the cooking in the past (at production place) to increase solidity of the houses.  Houses in rural villages are nearly always from +/- the same shape.

Few other pictures from the countryside…

Deforestation and production of charcoal from eucalyptus trees :-(.

Children in/around villages…

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