More adventures in Neno


More adventures in Neno
It has been awhile since my last blog as I have no idea where the time goes here but for somewhere with limited entertainment opportunities and serious lack of utilities, time seems to pass even more quickly than at home
My procurement projects have been progressing and if you remember in a previous blog I mentioned about a construction project , well they are now well under way. It is amazing how the threat of rainy season spurs work on and I am astonished at how quickly this building project is advancing

I am now well versed in warehouse formulary and stock lists and with the recently appointed warehouse and supply chain manager we are making headway in reviewing and consolidating the thousands of items in the warehouse. We are also looking at developing some preferred suppliers for specific services and it’s been really lovely working with the procurement department here and sharing knowledge and processes to help with this

I also helped in the recruitment of a transport manager, reviewing CV’s, developing interview questions and assisting in the interview of the 7 chosen candidates, who had travelled to Neno from all over Malawi . The whole process was very successful, with the first choice candidate starting in December so we are very excited 😆

We had some excitement here recently when one of the local farmers bought round a baby antelope, who’s mother had been killed. Someone kindly/ foolishly took on looking after her ( it was a female we later found out) and after a few days managed to relocate her to a sanctuary in Lilongwe. We hear Neno, as she was affectionate named,  is doing well

It is amazing here how the seasons are changing, it’s still very hot, in the 30’s some days but then it rains torrentially and for a while it’s a bit cooler. This obviously helps the planting of crops and everyone is busy preparing the ground while the change in the landscape in the short time I have been here is fascinating – see the difference from when I arrive here at end July ( on the left below) and this week

The garden project at the guesthouse I am staying in is going well, having planted onion, carrots , rape and mustard  – the banana trees have also burst into life this week after we all thought they had died!

I hope you are still enjoying the blogs and keep your comments coming – it is so lovely to hear from you all – Tionana 👋


  1. Fabulous Sylvia it is fantastic to hear about your exploits and that you are able to put your vast experience and talent to good use in Malawi. The photos are great and give a real insight into where you are. Looking forward to catching up with you when you are home.
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  2. I love how your pictures tell a story of change and transformation – so much has changed or is changing since you’ve been in Malawi. It sounds like you are really having an impact, Sylvia. I’m not surprised one bit! Be well and keep the blogs coming!

  3. Looks like you’re having a real impact out there, not surprised you’re time is flying as you’re doing so much!
    Can’t wait to see you very soon.. feel free to bring Neno home, she’s very cute!
    Keep the blogs and photos coming 🙂

  4. It’s really great to read of all the exciting things that you have been doing. I am on the case wo5 the netball stuff have had a fantstic response from many teams I my league. Going to collect stuff on the 7th December and willneed to get it to you to take back with you in January. Will be an excuse to come up to Smallford.

  5. Great blog Sylvia! It’s fantastic to hear about all the changes happening locally and how quickly things are progressing. Loving the baby antelope pic 🙂 see you soon, C x

  6. Hi Sylvia. Have a safe journey back. Hope Gary has done all the Christmas preparations! You will have lots of tales to tell when you get home. Love Lucinda

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