Here Goes

“Here goes Nigerian men!”

There is a number of Nigerian native styles for men, each has its own distinct features. Nigerian traditional clothing is beautiful and these days every local man wants to wear unique native styles, no matter these clothes are for a business, leisure, any casual event or any other form of social occasion. Traditional Nigerian fashion is called one of the most beautiful and already becomes popular worldwide. So looks like I need to try it as well…

2017-10-28 10.22.36.jpg

African Ankara is a popular fabric, which has been sold in the Wuse market in Abuja for many years. So it is the best place where I can find better fabrics!

2017-10-29 11.24.29.jpg

Nigerian designers make a classy, elegant style from a fabric and combining it with different materials such as silk, brocade, chiffon, velvet, linen, denim, and lace of all possible kind, and a lot of others. I found a local designer called Ms. Tutu and plan to arrange a traditional dress of myself.

2017-11-13 12.14.29.jpg

Every Nigerian men loves African print and choose the best fabric they can afford. Along with the fabrics, factory production uses the homespun and hand-painted material. The favorite color of the south men is red, and the north – white. Thus, let’s take a closer look at latest CHAI Traditional fashion styles in the office. Here are some fabulous examples presented from our CHAI friends in all states.

2017-11-03 12.56.31.jpg

dscn7289.jpg2017-11-22 08.47.31Nigerian traditional dress is a natural and sophisticated way to feel unity with surrounding and stand out. It can be cheerful, casual, comfortable, bright and traditional does not mean out of style, not anymore. So I’ll do as well…!

2017-11-17 08.28.15.jpg


2017-11-17 17.04.112017-11-17 08.38.27


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