Wherever you are in the world there are some occasions that you never forget and for me one of those is Remembrance Sunday. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this, it is the day that we remember all those who have fought in the armed services and have either died or been injured.  Well actually it is usually two days – the 11th day of the 11th month (November) which is when the First World War armistice was signed and the nearest Sunday, which is when the Church service is held.  If you’ve been around the UK at all during this time you’ll have seen the poppies that people wear to commemorate this.

Whilst other British events such as bonfire night sadly passed me by this year (I do love wrapping up warm, sparkler in hand, munching on a piece of parkin), I was honoured to be invited to sing in the choir at the British Embassy for Remembrance Sunday. Now I feel I have to caveat this, before I’m flooded with invites to sing at prestigious events…I am not a singer.  Okay so I can hold a tune but I’m more of a blend into the crowd kind of girl.  Still, there are not so many British choristers to choose from in Nepal, and as my friend is the Chaplain to the Gurkhas I made the cut / was coerced into it.  And let’s face it when am I likely to dine with the British and Australian ambassador again?  Not to mention the head of the Gurkhas!

Having randomly gone bird watching the day before with the bird conservation group of Nepal, I can honestly say I am embracing lots of different opportunities out here. I’m taking the approach of, if I’m invited then go – who knows where it might lead….

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