Turn Turn Turn

Turn, Turn, Turn…

There are constant turning while working and living in Nigeria, both good turns and challenging ones. Pulse assignment requires to turn left, right, down and up and is an absolutely unique fantastic experience – it feels like riding a roller-coaster with constant turning.2017-10-29 11.23.10

Over the last week’s Dr. Ahmad Abdulwahab, Former Deputy Country Director & Director Essential Medicines Program and my supervisor changed his direction to moved forward and accepted another important role in the health sector in Nigeria. To his respect, the CHAI team organized an farewell dinner in honour of Dr. Ahmad Abdulwahab and appreciation of the Essential Medicines Team – proud to be part of it!RQXS5303

IMG_9348We made another turn and picked up some new colleagues during an Facility Focal People onboarding training which covered the introduction and engagement of Facility Based Project Coordinators in hospitals for Implementation of the Pneumonia Programme. It was our role to provide the training and to give an overview of the pneumonia program and its activities implementation at the facility level to support installation of oxygen equipment in all facilities, data collection, reporting and implementation of activities to improve service delivery and quality of care at the facility level. A great 2,5 days training in Kaduna to support them with some basic technical knowledge of the oxygen equipment commodities and monitoring tools to support.IMG_9246

A good turn was that for these trainings we were able to orgainse key oxygen commodities to engage our new colleagues with some practical work and several of them was able to get some hands on this equipment.2017-11-02 14.42.27

2017-11-02 14.42.29-1

As the big wheel of oxygen therapy improvement is moving forward we spin to our first commodities installation in Niger state. The local CHAI Team welcomed us with open arms and we started immediately.DSCN7291

First turn was to Minna a relatively peaceful place in west-central Nigeria. Second turn lead to the Central Medical Storage for commodities inspection, followed by hospital installations and some more turns later we completed the implementation and functional oxygen is ready for our small patients very soon.IMG_93422017-11-08 09.14.44.jpg



2017-11-11 14.42.38-82017-11-11 14.42.38-11

2017-11-11 14.42.38-16.jpg2017-11-11 14.42.38-9.jpg2017-11-11 14.42.39-9

Move something so that it changes communities to be in a better position is something great to achieve and something to be proud of. Wonderful work done and looking forward to see further installations in Niger state. So let’s turn faster this fantastic wheel and we are already planning to take a firm turn to Kano state next week.

I am feeling very positive about this Pulse match as it worked out as a perfect fit for both sides – the NGO and myself. I’m looking forward to move and to challenge myself as much as possible in the coming weeks.2017-10-29 19.30.37

Sir Robert has made a right turn to support the NGO Malaria Consortium further in the UK and left Nigeria. All the best to him and as I am turning AND spinning I nearly missed his farewell dinner. Luckily, I somehow made it (thanks to Venelin).2017-11-06 18.22.18

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  1. Thanks – appreciate all the friendship and the stories – and the turns we took – these made memories of a lifetime!

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