Sometimes things stop you in your tracks…

This little thought (that sometimes we have to pause and rethink) has struck me a couple of times in the last few months…

The first was my assignment here at ‘Save’, when it became clear that the project I was invited to help with was going to conclude earlier than anyone thought. As some of you may remember, I’d been asked to support a project looking at moving some head office functions away from a central London location. The first phase of the project was a feasibility review, which surprised everyone by concluding that a move just didn’t add up at this point.

So I paused…

… and fabulously I was asked to work on 2 new projects – which I feel even more passionate about! The first is in Org Design – looking at how we pilot a model to help countries simplify their organisation structures. I was originally asked to complete a pilot in Kenya (with around 300 employees). This, after a couple of very busy weeks, is almost complete – so I’m now working on a second pilot (?) with Ethiopia (who have around 2000 employees!).

The second project is linked to ‘Saves’ behavioural competency model… but perhaps more of that in another post.

Another pause I’ve experienced recently came in an email announcing a review of ‘Saves’ search and rescue ship in the Mediterranean (linked to the migrant crisis). What stopped me in my tracks though were the numbers… that the boat has saved nearly 10,000 people, including 1,500 children and THIS is what got me 77% of the children were unaccompanied. I found myself sat at my desk, staring at my screen, just floored! I I’m so humbled to be working for an organisation, like ‘Save’ who seek to make a difference when kids face the darkest of times – often alone.

… and very quickly, because I’ve kept you long enough…  my final ‘pauses’ relate to my continually halted travel plans due to political instability. First there was Kenya and then Lebanon. If any of you have plans to travel to Ethiopia soon I’d suggest you cancel immediately as that’s next on my list – and my impending presence does not seem to be a stabilising influence!


  1. Good one, Fiona – I hear you, I keep reminding myself ‘Pulse’ is about waves of change… we are ‘being’ the change, ‘accepting’ the change… and it feels we are riding the wave at the same time!!! Some we’ll surf, others we may swallow a bit of water in the fall 😉

  2. It sounds like you have learnt so much about dealing with ambiguity and changing plans, and are still making time for that all important reflection. I found that my PULSE time went by so fast that sometimes it was easy for it to pass in a blur. It certainly is humbling when you see the impact of some of the Save the Children projects and to even be a tiny part of that is such a special opportunity. Take care of yourself and see you soon. 🙂

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