GSK Ambassador in Nigeria!!!!

One day sitting on my bed while surfing net, a Rotary club page comes, all of a sudden my fingers move to search local Rotary clubs ,immediately I had decided to find some Rotarian fellow contact number to reach them, and I got information after some scuffle, that was past president number, I pick my phone and call impatiently, the ring was their but no response, and I move ahead in search of some more numbers, after a hustle I able to connect Farid, after introducing myself, he invite me in next coming club meeting  at Chelsea Hotel at  central  Abuja area.2017-10-10-PHOTO-00000033 (1)The first appearance from unknown to known Rotarians was delightful, I had received warm standing welcome by Rotary club Wuse central Abuja, to commemorate president gave me club flag, they intricate about club activities, project. As of club rituals every member get introduce, on my turn  I too introduce as GSK volunteer and being Rotarian from Pakistan. Club president enlighten us about polio activities around the city and in whole Nigeria.Rotarians are planning and chalking out their activities, road shows, Carnival around the Nigeria as world polio eradication day was their, local clubs arrange rally/Road walk, in partnership with Rotary partners and Abuja bikers, Skaters, International federation of business and professional women’s, Rotractors, Unicef, WHO, Friends, and families.

There are numbers symbolic immunization at Maitama  general Hospital, End polio Chat with labour governors. A direct broadcast was planned.

We had start walk from millennium park and by covering about 2 and half kilometers come back to destination. That was a marvelous experience, music, dancing with chanting, oh its fantastic and enjoyable.

Next week I had invited for presentation on viral hepatitis in club meeting with aim to raise the voice, that every Rotarian becomes Hepatitis awareness campaign ambassador in Nigeria, prevalence of HEP B and C in Nigeria is very alarming 11.2 % and 2.2% over 20 million and 3.6 million respectively, I just elaborate about prevention and controlling measures that are necessary for everyone in day to day life, how we Rotarian can contribute in awareness campaign, and push government to do more towards allocating health budget.

Afterwards I invited as guest speaker by Rotary club of Abuja City in The Reality TV show, The Labour Room, a youth-oriented program aimed at solving the myriad of socio-economic problems bedeviling Nigeria have, is projected to have over 200 million viewers across Africa and the world. as this was the opportunity to raise the voice i captured and share the burden of Viral Hepatitis Nigerian people are facing, over 20 million and 3.6 million Nigerians are estimated to be infected with HBV and HCV respectively.An estimated 95% are unaware of their disease status.Key drivers of the disease includes use of invasive unsterilized sharps, mother to child transmission and transfusion of poorly screened blood products.

I gave my introduction and brief about my role at CHAI, as GSK volunteer from Pakistan and Rotarian, working on Hepatitis B & C financing project at Clinton Health Access Initiative at Abuja Nigeria. I updated the participants about Rotary community efforts that so far done around the world to eradicate polio, that was merely 1st Rotary project initiated in 1987 from Philippine, and up till now 2.2 billion children’s around the world have taken polio drops, now we are so close 99.9% to eradicate Polio menace from world. I also share the




  1. This is amazing Imran! Your passion lead you to reach out to people beyond your NGO and consequently helped raise awareness about different public health problems. Keep up the good work!

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