November 10


You may not recognize me…

I think the greatest revelatoin  I have had on my PULSE assignment is that for the very first time in my life I have Work Life Balance.  It’s been a shocking revelation as I didn’t realize the lack of balance had gotten so extreme.  I have always struggled with saying no to things and worked on it over the years, but it’s obvious I have not effectively mastered it.   The PULSE opportunity has given me time to reflect on how the imbalance got to this point and the toil that’s had on my life circumstances, and relationships with family and friends. I’m finding it exciting to reconnect with friends, and I honestly think I’m a lot more fun to be around.

My biggest challenge is going to be figuring out how to continue with the balance upon my return. The interesting learning has been that with better balance, I still get a lot of work done and in a more efficient manner. I don’t have an answer right now but wanted to share more broadly as I know GSK supports balance but I know my behaviors are not unique to me. Many of my colleagues are available at night, weekends and on vacation. It is something that slowly invades your personal life and can become an unspoken expectation both for yourself and with co-workers.  I know I went too far in the extreme and now that I’ve had a different experience, I plan to maintain it…so you may not recognize me!    If you do it well I’d love to hear your techniques… and if you operate as I did, I encourage you to really think about how you might make modifications.

Until next time…


Im pictured here with my friends from the The Food Trust at the halloween party! Nadine , Brianna, Hadeel,Paulette, and Shadera .