When in Rome (well India)…

It has been festival time in Nepal and during one of the long weekends, I decided to make the trek (in a plane) over to Delhi to visit my Knowledge Centre (KC) colleagues. After spending a couple of months in Nepal, it was amazing to see how my perceptions of normality had been altered.

As I drove from the airport I marvelled at how spacious, clean and organised the traffic was. Now for my GSK colleagues who have made the trip to the KC and been hanging onto the door handles for dear life, as the cars weave in and out dangerously close to each other, you’ll understand what a mind shift this really is.

As I arrived at the hotel in my Kurta and backpack, I suddenly realised I was a little out of place. Surrounded by people in business wear I was bought back to my Western life and was a little conflicted with the comparative luxury that surrounded me.  As I got to my room I felt a bit like the kid in Charlie and the Chocolate factory and as you can see by the photo below, I was really excited at using a hair dryer for the first time in months!

Hair dried hair

The respiratory KC team and in particular, Tushar Pareek and Aditya Sharma took amazing care of me, producing a well thought out and detailed itinerary. They showed me the best sights of Delhi, picking me up in air conditioned cars and were informative and fun guides.  It was truly the break I needed and the encouragement to keep powering through.  I want to say a huge thank you to them, the rest of the respiratory KC team and their wives and families for making me feel so welcome….oh and for getting me to dress up in a Sari and dance to Bhangra music.  Yes, there is video evidence – no it is not being made public!

Below is a selection of key highlights….







  1. It was great to hang around with you, and yes dance video needs to go public…those were some really great moves 🙂 🙂

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