October 28


Safety Birthing Kit


This is safety birthing kit that is used at uncivilized area in Nepal.

Because there is no hospital of birth near hear and they have no acquaintance,  sometimes they cut the umbilical code with stone or glass , and in the worst case Baby and/or Mother were died cause of infection.

Save the Children prepare “Safety Birthing Kit” for mother.

In this kit ,

  • plasetic sheet ; Birth on the sheet  for keep an immaculate area.
  • kite strings ; take up the umbilical code
  • soap; cleaning hands
  • razor;  sut the umbilical code
  • small rounding: cutting board for  the umbilical code
  • leafret;  all are explaned with pictures not with wordage.

The New virsion is made with the support from GSK.


  • ビニールシート:きれいな場所で出産するため
  • 石鹸:清潔に手を洗ってから出産の手伝いをするため
  • タコ糸:へその緒をしばるため
  • かみそり:新しいカミソリで清潔を保ちます
  • 丸い小さなもの:へその緒をカミソリできるときにまな板のようにして使う
  • 説明書:言葉や文字がなくイラストのほうが理解できるから