Finding my way –

Daalu nwee omarjcha obochi – ka omesia….

When you get used to a routine and get settled into a comfortable pace doing something, you ‘hit your stride’.

On the other hand, ‘getting in the grove’ means to have fun and enter into the spirit of the situation or circumstance of the moment,

I’ve learned to shop the markets, haggle for the best price, navigate the city, find a tailor and I’ve hit my stride, I’m getting my ‘Nigerian On’ with co-workers in the office….it other words I’m finding and following the rhythm and the spirit that is Nigeria.

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  1. Glad to see you in the groove and hitting your stride!!

    Love your new look. You are starting to blend in now!!
    Can’t wait to see your next Nigerian!!

  2. Robert, always enjoy your posts! You brighten my day with the sharing of your thoughts and experiences.

  3. Hi Robert, I hope you wear some of those shirts when you get back to GSK.. You will certainly brighten up the office:-) Glad you are having fun.

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