October 26


Hide and Seek…

Sometimes there are things in life which are hidden from us, we see a piece of the picture and take it as the whole. It is only when these hidden things are revealed to us that we see the full picture and everything falls into place.  And so it is here in the Kathmandu valley…for weeks people have been telling me how the ‘mountains’ that I can see are not mountains but hills.  Now coming from the UK and having trekked up the biggest ‘mountains’ of England, Scotland and Wales, to me they definitely take on the appearance and height of a mountain.  Time and time again I’ve been told that come October all will be revealed.  And so with faith and patience I have waited expectantly…

So here we are in October and as I open my bedroom curtains one morning my patience is rewarded as I’m greeted with the majestic sight of the snow-capped Himalayas poking their peaks up through the clouds. Even in the distance there is something so awesome and beautiful about them and excitement skips in my heart.  Not to mention a desire to ditch work and go trekking!  Don’t worry Pulse team I haven’t….

Trekking is a huge part of Nepal and why many tourists come to this beautiful country and with such incredible landscapes to explore you can see why.   So far, I have been limited to the day long treks around the Kathmandu valley and the cheeky leeches that seem to have taken a liking to me (if you’re squeamish look away now).


Leech Attack


I long to do a more extensive trek and see the snow-capped peaks and rugged barren lands up close but given that a short trek is considered anything up to 9 days I may have to reserve that long trek for another time. You always need a reason to come back…..