Hugging the Road

It is been a while and finally we are hugging the road for our first oxygen commodities installation in Kaduna state. The installation has been delayed due to the Hurricane Harvey in the USA. The tropical storm Hurricane Harvey was the first major hurricane to make landfall in the United States since Wilma in 2005, ending a record 12-year drought in which no major hurricanes made landfall in the country. In a four-day period, many areas received more than 40 inches (1,000 mm) of rain as the system meandered over eastern Texas and adjacent waters, causing catastrophic flooding. Unfortunately, the main commodities stuck in a warehouse in Houston, Texas.

We also hit some other small bumps on the way as with Nigerian customs clearance and so. All in all we are drilled and on the road to start the installation. For our support two CHAI colleagues from our global team joined our first road trip.


Some days ago it was our big day as the first oxygen commodities arrived, installation materials was collected, the generators delivered, our supplier was ready, the Facilities are ready and we are ready. We hit the road from Abuja to Kaduna with a smile and excitement for the team to archive this key milestones.

Our first stop was to visit the suppliers warehouse and check quantities and correctness of the delivery. Everything has been inspected and we all moved on to the hospital for the first installation.


We prepared all our tools and material ahead of starting and agreed final locations for the commodities. With some bumps on the first installation we completed it on the first day.  Well done team! A great achievement!


Another day another installation and we are back on the road. The next morning, we continued the second commodities installation on site. On this day we had to leave earlier to ensure a safe travel back to Abuja during daytime. We said goodbye to everyone and hit the road to Abuja.

As time is flying we are ready for the next coming states in Nigeria. However, first things first we currently heavy packed with all other facilities installation in Kaduna. I added some more pictures of these last days and hope you all enjoy them.


I am looking forward to work with local teams and getting more and more of the oxygen commodities installation completed before I leave in December. It’s only 9 weeks left with my Pulse assignment and I am fully energized to get all done. Crossing fingers and get back to work now.


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