Post #3 – Pray to rain can’t not be the only action – Please help!

On Oct 6th, I went to visit one institution that is part of the NGO I’m working for and they are about to lose all the vegetables they have cultivated because they are having problem with the water system. They are collecting water from one neighbor for the primary necessities only. This institution supports 38 girls with any type of disabilitiy (mental, physical or both) helping them to find a way to support themselves through the teaching of manual courses like dress making, knitting, etc. The institution is administrated by 2 catholic sisters who are trying to do their best to maintain it.


During my visit Sister Ann told me that she had already submitted the quotation to fix the borehole for some donors that could help but that it will take time due to all the paperwork that need to be done. At the beginning, I thought they only need US$ 558 to have the pump fixed. So, I decided to start a campaign with my friends because the vegetables could be gone by the time the institution receives the money from donors (if so) and it will have a huge impact in the food supply.

One night, exchanging WhatsApp messages with Sister An, I realized that I did a huge mistake when I did the conversion of Kenyan Shillings to US Dollar. In fact, KS 558100 corresponds to US$ 5,581 instead of US$558. So, during the night I was really worried about how I could apologize for my mistake. But, believe you or not, I woke up thinking that if I knew the real amount I would never had started the campaign because of the difficulty to reach this amount of money. So, maybe could have had a reason for this mistake.

Sister An explained that this amount of money is necessary because they need to replace the whole borehole system and not just fix the water pump as I have understood at the beginning – Interpretation issue 😦

22281745_1883103188382878_1603750752672973985_nSo far, we have US$ 1,500 and I have never thought to have this amount of money in such a short period but we still have a long way to go. So, I’m asking for your HELP to DONATE and/or SHARE this campaign with your family and friends.

Be sure that this project is fundamental to keep the sustainability of food supply for these 38 disabled girls.

See link below for donation.

Asante sana! Mungu akubariki!


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