Capturing Moments

Sabaidee Blog-Readers!

I have mulled over this specific blog post for a while now because the things I want to share with you are so diverse that I was worried I would end up creating a pot-pourri. So guess what? That is exactly what I did.

To make it easier and interesting to view, I have changed the format of this blog a little; head over to the photo-blog here:

(I know it’s convenient to see the link on your phone but request you to see this one on a bigger screen. Trust me on this)

P.S. – My sister-in-law thought I was not doing justice to some of the photos and suggested I create a separate room for them.

Hope you enjoy it! Miss you all.

Khob Chai.



  1. Hey roomie!! Love love this!!! It took a few mins to load the link (good old LaoTel) but was so worth it. You have great photos and they absolutely told the story so far (plus our Sisi got a little cameo!) – keep them coming (plus I think I’m going to have to steal a couple of your pics).

  2. Great photo’s. I recognized Chris and Nicolet from your post. Chris has some amazing photos. Please tell him I said hello and ask him what camera he has……Bob

  3. Super clicks and captions Jo! A great travel blogger picture diary. Loved watching them.Thanks for sharing 😀

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