A Day In The Life of Community Mobilizer – Part 2

I couldn’t believe that my second field trip was come only 2 days after my first field trip.  The day didn’t start so well when I realized my throat was extremely painful, but I really didn’t want to miss the chance to visit Caloocan City.  The best practices and challenges could be different from the first field trip at Malabon City.  Caloocan City is the fourth most populous city in the Philippines with 188 barangays. It is 4 times bigger than Malabon City.

Save the children’s van was arranged for today field trip visit. We went to Caloocan City in the morning followed by visiting Malabon City in the afternoon.  It was a hot sunny day!  It was supposed to be rainy season; SC staff told me that climate change is responsible for this.

We first arrived at Camarin Elementary School which is a relocated school.  We first introduced ourselves to the person-in-charge (PIC) as Chris is the new community mobilizer who just joined Save the Children.  We often need to rebuild the rapport with partner, i.e. school, community etc. whenever we had people movement.  This is definitely has a counter effect from our mission.  People retention is a challenge to all organization. The PIC has shared with us the challenges they were facing as a relocated school.  He also provided his feedback how we could further improve the SC programs.

We also visited 2 Kapitbahay –Aralan (KBA) in Caloocan, a much smaller version of ECCD (Early Childhood Care Development).  The condition at both KBAs is closed to bare minimum.  There is no water supply and sufficient lighting; there are many holes on the roof, sometimes classes have to stop because of rainy days, it will cause a disruption to the education progress.  Save the Children plays a role in providing the technical advice to the KBA center which includes education materials and training to the KBA teachers to ensure the children’s access to quality education.  The community still has plenty of rooms for improvement to improve the facilities’ condition and to put their children’s education to a higher priority.



  1. Fantastic sharing Kelly
    I hope you can see how you can contribute wit SC to help these children getting a better future
    Take care

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