Same country but differnt culture

Two months has passed since I started working for JEN “Japan Emergency NGO”.

I’m having fun!!  楽しくやっています🎶


In JEN, BBL*1 is about our current project and their life hold during their home leave. 3 colleagues did BBL meeting during 2 months, they came back to Japan from Sri Lanka, Jordan and Pakistan.

*1:A brown bag meeting is a casual meeting that occurs during a lunch period. This type of meeting is referred to as a brown bag meeting because participants bring their own lunches to the meeting. The meeting typically takes place in the workplace, usually in a training room or conference room.

JENで過ごす2か月の間、スリランカ・ヨルダン・パキスタンに駐在しているメンバーからのBBL Meetingがありました。

The work of NGO is exactly focused on overseas and beneficients compared to the other company. During 2 months, I heard about many projects and significancies. I once understood in my head, but after BBL I truely understood in my heart.



As many people said, the real voice is important. In addittion, it is important that we tried to listen to their real voice and story directly.

This situation is the same with GSK. To recap the GSK, we are now focusing on patients.

GSKでの開発の仕事も患者さんに会う機会は、ほぼありません。その中で、いかに患者さんの視点にたてるか、を考えながら仕事をする必要があります。患者さんの声にFocusをあてる機会はGSK Japan内でもいくつか企画されています。実際の患者さんだけでなく、その病気を支えている患者さんのご家族・医師・看護師・薬剤師・各医療関係者・ヘルパーなどなど周りの人も含めてFocusしていくことが、Patient Focusだなと感じています。

However, the real voice from patients make us remember why we work for.


★In addition:)  ★おまけ★

These photos show one of our daily life scene.


↑We are eating ice creams with JEN staff in summer.  夏はみんなでアイスを食べます★

Pakisan curry “Mutton Karahi”
ダルカレー ”dalcurry”
Sweets 初めての食感!食レポするには難しい味です。


↑We are eating Pakistan curry. This restaurant was recommenned from JEN staff who were lived Pakistan in 2 years. パキスタンカレーを食べにいきました★パキスタンに駐在していたスタッフが本場の味に近いということなので、本物ですね!

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