September 25


Lake Malawi oh and procurement!

Lake Malawi
Sorry but I have been very lax in keeping up my weekly blog but to be honest time passes so quickly here! Work continues to progress with my presentation to the senior management team last Tuesday, regarding the revised procurement policy, going well. There are still some elements to iron out – including the review and formatting of the associated procurement forms and although it seems to have taken ages, people here assure me this is quick for Malawi! I am continuing to work with Faith and Ivy in on procurement strategies, especially for high risk categories and I have drafted a short form contract to use and developed some T&C for the Local purchase order that have been reviewed by local legal. I have also been helping with revising the organisation charts for HR.
The big event last week and the reason I didn’t get a chance to do my blog was 8 of us went to Lake Malawi last weekend- a farewell to one of our housemates, Katie, who is leaving Malawi in 3 weeks after being here for 2 years – and it was fabulous!!!

Unfortunately we didn’t leave till late on Friday and the drive took 5 hours ( at least the roads were pretty good until the last hour!) but we arrived about 8pm and had the most delicious BBQ – the biggest T-bone steak I think have ever eaten 😀!  The next morning we could truly appreciate this lovely location as we were staying at the most lovely lakeside lodge, with great views ( as you can see from the photos)  and a fab full English breakfast (can’t avoid England breakfasts even in Malawi)

A great weekend of eating, drinking ( of course🍷) walking and swimming – although I am now told I have to take medication in 6 weeks time as the lake can have schistosomiasis (look it up! )
Even with all the power and internet outages ( we are trying to negotiate the latter with the internet company!!) I am still managing to keep in touch with everyone via email, or FaceTime and the most used application in Malawi – WhatsApp – a brilliant means to communicate and everyone here uses it! Please keep all your lovely comments on my blogs coming – it’s nice to know people are reading and enjoying them – till the next thrilling instalment!!!  😁😁