As a Business Analyst and IT Project Manager, I am…


What project are you currently working on?


This is probably the question most of you want to ask me.  Maybe I should have answered this earlier but I didn’t because I needed time to gain a deep and proper understanding of their work practices and pain points.  As the analysis phase is almost done and we agreed to start some initiatives, now I feel more confortable in sharing them.


1. Facility Management

As I mentioned in the previous post, Barretstown provides residential camps for children with a serious illness. The camp site consists of 15 cottages, castle, dining hall, theatre, staff accommodation, office buildings, medical rooms, camp activity facilities (archery, high rope, horse riding, canoeing, and more), vehicles etc. with various equipment which require regular maintenance to keep them healthy and safe condition. They also have huge grounds. You will see the estate team working very hard everyday – cutting grass with a lawn mower, trimming trees, repairing road pavement.  Each facility has their own maintenance cycle.  Boilers – once a year, Fire alarms – quarterly, cottage check – before each camp session, and so on. If it rains, you will need to stop painting fences and find something else you can do today. Currently they tackle this puzzle using their brain, pen and paper, sometimes excel spreadsheets.  Wow.  This is definitely the area that will benefit from an IT solution and it will be the main focus area during my assignment.


2. Visitor Management

This is quite straightforward – cllect visitor information, track where they are, who they meet with and when they in/out.  This makes challenges especially when a large public event takes place.  Key consideration here is the security – it is crucially important to comply with the privacy regulations and protect personal data.


3. Collaboration
Support from camp volunteer staff is really important for Barretstown to run the programs.  We have more than thousand volunteers every year come and support us. Usually a face-to-face training is provided to volunteers prior to the camp sessions. We have another volunteers called chaperone who attends on campers travel from outside of Ireland .  Because chaperones travel with campers, they are not able to attend the pre-camp training.  It would be beneficial if we could provide an online session so they can join from their home country over internet.
Another opportunity is to give campers’ parents and families an opportunity to know how their children are doing while at camp through a private secure broadcast. It will help improve visibility and build better relationship with them. Simple idea, but again, we know there are so many things to consider in terms of security.


I will update more next time and answer to any questions you may have – please put them in a comment section below!


  1. So impressed with your awsome experience!! Eagerly waiting for your next updates how your dealt with those challenges 🙂

      1. Hi Sir,
        Great post. One request is , can you frame an answer how to tackle the same question. If the interviewer asks us, what’s that you have benefitted in your project.

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