Baby Shower – Wish you a successful delivery, Mercy!

It has been almost 4 weeks since I arrived.

Meanwhile, I’ve completed all the mandatory trainings required for Save the Children staffs, participated in a few meetings, reviewed several reports, and summarized the proposals I’ve reviewed. Also, I made a plan for what and how I can contribute during my stay. My stomachache is completely gone and now I’m eating very well.

Yes, I know. this is not what everyone wants to hear about – Nothing fun.

Let me share a fun event which was on Monday this week.

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On Monday, there were quiet whisperings amongst ladies – Mercy’s delivery was accelerated that she may give birth at any time this week! – even today! Here, ladies prepare a baby shower with a cake, gifts, and fun games. But this time, we had no time. So, we decided to prepare a quick surprise instead. I, Catherine, and Lucy went to the town to buy some gifts – baby socks, bibs, gowns, toy, etc. – and a cake. At 3:30 PM, all the ladies went to the nursing room one by one, very quietly. At last, Mercy was lead to the room to see this nice surprise! We shared good wishes and those ladies who had given birth before gave useful advices as well. It was heart-warming and pleasant moment. For myself, I could also feel what it would be like right before giving birth to a baby. Also, it was an opening event for the new nursing room prepared at the Save the Children, Bungoma office. Lovely.

Here, in Kenya, a newborn baby belongs to the mother and the community, not the father. Interesting. Baby’s name is given in different ways in many different regions. Here in the western part of Kenya, they are mostly named by the season when they were born. In the central part of Kenya, they are mostly named after their grandmother or grandfather, or other relatives in orders. Since the majority is Christian, their first names are given by bible and the second names follow the African way.

In addition to this adorable event, let me share some more photos of the office for those who wants to know what it looks like. My desk is at the 2nd floor and I share the room with wonderful colleagues – David, Rita, Antony, and Robert. It leads to a balcony which provides such a wonderful view of the garden. When you closely look at the picture, you may see green bananas and papayas ripening.

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  1. Hi Sora,
    Thanks for sharing news over there and photos of the buidling you are working.
    I can see nice working environment with wonderful view and garden, and please enjoy working over there!

  2. Great to see you are thoroughly enjoying your experience and also now feeling better! Great photos too and interesting to read of the Kenyan culture for naming babies and that they belong to mothers and the community rather than the father! I look forward to speaking soon to hear more about it.

  3. Sora
    Hope to recover your health well and above all. please take care of your health.
    Look forward to hearing from you soon.

  4. Hello Sora,
    Happy to hear you’ve recovered from stomachache. And thank you for sharing thr great events and interesting infomation (I enjoyed the story of Mercy’s and different ways of naming babies 🙂 Proud and grateful of any trials and efforts over there. Please take care of yourself as well. Good luck!

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