September 19


First Blogging through My Pulse Journey.


With my lovely children before I left

My journey to Bangalore, India

Now it is time for blogging through my PULSE Volunteer Partnership 2017 assignment.  I am based in Saudi Arabia as an Executive Medical Representative.My PULSE assignment is for six months in Bangalore working for Leonard Cheshire Disabilities (LCD).

It has always been my passion to help people through supporting community. It is very important to support poor people, handicapped, children without shelters, educational programs and those who need help as it is a part of completing each other as a human being. I have been gifted good health and well being and as a part of thanking this gift I should provide part of my time and skills to create a positive, sustainable change for non-profit organization and the communities their serve through PULSE Volunteer Partnership. This will lead to a balanced and peaceful community across the globe.

I’m very grateful for the support I have had from my managers, my coach, PULSE team, previous PULSE Volunteer members, my manager from LCD in UK and my GSK team who have covered for my role whilst I’m away.

The time has come for me to depart for my assignment on 7th of September, I was having mixed emotions as I’m leaving my Family behind including my wife, 2 boys and daughter, it was an emotional time for me but  my family have been very supportive and helped me get through this time, it was also my boys first day at school.

I arrived Bangalore early morning after a long 12 hour flight, I was feeling a little nervous as I did not know what to expect, I managed to call the LCD office then I arrived on time after being given the instructions. I was welcomed by the LCD staff and my GSK PULSE Volunteer Colleagues in the office. Now that I’m in Bangalore, getting used to the culture and so far so good. One of the most inspiring thing is that everyone seems to be part of the same community and accept each other.


At LCD Office Bangalore

Although I have been here only ten days so far, I have absorbed a lot of information about LCD and I’m now working towards my goals to achieve my objectives. my aim is to visit Cheshire homes to learn more about the LCD and the activities they are running in line with the programs which include Livelihood, Job ability and Inclusive Education for Disabled.
I hope you enjoy reading my blog. watch this space for the next one!