Earthquake´s Feelings!

I was preparing my second blog to talk about Ciudad de Mexico and all long experiences lived since I came. It has been a lot experiences but I have decided to change it due to the earthquake that happened last Thursday 7th of September. How can explain what happened here?

Chiapas September 17

Mexico has suffered the most powerful earthquake in the last century, with a magnitude of 8.1 quake. The epicentre of the earthquake was 600miles away from Ciudad de Mexico, Chiapas (South West), and at least 90 people are dead.The quake was felt in Mexico City with a huge intensity and believe me it was one of the worst experiences ever in my life.

Fortunately there are no so many damages due to the quake was an “S” wave. I didn´t even know the types of waves were but after being listening the news, reading the newspapers and everyone surrounding around me, as you can imagine I have started to be an expert.

Apparently people say that if the wave would be “P” it would be catastrophic for the city as it was in 1985, killing 5,000 people and destroying 10,000 houses with a magnitude 8.0 earthquake (If you want to learn more about waves…

For me was the first quake of my life, so I didn´t know what to do when it happened.

So…can you imagine my face at that moment?

Source from Nickelodeon´s website
Source from Nickelodeon´s website

I will try to be positive in the blog now that everything is gone but imagine my face like the one of Sponge Bob when all this started. I was having dinner with some colleagues in a restaurant when suddenly everything feels as if we move from side to side. Imagine yourself and everything around you dancing a twist.

When I said everything I mean EVERYTHING: buildings, tables, trees…I didn´t know was going on but the quake took like 1:54 min. We didn´t have time to run away to the street (we were on a 3rd floor) so the waiters started to give us instructions about the secure places there. We followed them and the entire crowd were positioned behind strong and firm structures like main beams. Alarms sounding over loudspeakers on the streets (yes! They still bears physichological scars after 1985, so they created a system to advise population about quakes), people screaming all over the places, lights go down and everything went to dark, everyone running away in pijamas…what can you do?

Nothing …just keep dancing a twist dance in the darkness.

Source from

I was in city centre and this is one of the videos captured in “Angel of Independence”, the capital´s icon, sway like a pendulum. Watch it and other videos:

But this time I can say that everything is ok.

I know that a lot people is talking about Irma hurricane but I can not finish this blog saying that Mexican people need help, especially in the area of Chiapas.

There are a lot organizations that are helping in the area, I don`t want to mention any particular one, but just Google it and try to help them if you can.

They will appreciate it! Be the change!

Just to finish, just a reflection:

Will this be the moment most significant during my PULSE assignment?


    1. hi Sylvia! Thank you. It was a scary moment but all good. Still time to keep enjoying the rest of the assignment. take care!

  1. Hi Alberto!
    I think that this experience of the earthquake will be the most significant one in your PULSE assignment….It should be really scaring but it is important that you are safe. Take care and try to enjoy as much as possible even if in this hard time there!
    Ciao Ciao

    1. Thank you Deborah! yes, I think it will be one of this moments that you will remember. take care you too and enjoy it 😉 . Ciao Ciao

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